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Large Character Inks

Large Character Marking (LCM) Inks

Linx offers a range of inks for use with the Linx range of high definition large character printers. These inks are ideal for coding onto a wide range of porous substrates where image quality and code legibility are important.

Linx inks for Large Character Marking come in black, red, green and blue to suit most applications. These Linx inks are fast drying and have a low odour making them particularly suitable for food packaging. Applications can include outer case coding, product identification, corporate branding, contact information or ingredients listings.

Linx does not manufacture inks for any other supplier. Our fluids are tested extensively during their development, and are manufactured according to strict specifications, resulting in a high level of quality assurance. There is ample evidence that the use of non-Linx inks in Linx printers can affect printer reliability and lead to costly repairs and production line downtime




Ink Name Drying time (secs) on porous substrates Colour fastness (in direct sunlight)
Linx Black ink LC8520 <1 2-5 years
Linx Black ink LC8120 <1 2-5 years
Linx Red ink LC8130 <1 2 years
Linx Green ink LC8140 <1 2 years
Linx Blue ink LC8150 <1 2 years