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How To Achieve Reliable Coding With Minimal Effort

Maintaining reliable coding is essential for businesses, as line stoppages and unplanned downtime can really get in the way of meeting production targets. The Linx Small Character Printer range have been designed for maximum reliability while being simple to set up and operate. Read on to find out more about how our latest continuous inkjet coders can give you a simple way to achieve the production line uptime you require.

Reliable production in all environments

Our customers use our coders in a range of production environments, which is why we design our printers to be rugged enough to perform well in many different situations. Some of the units feature a new stainless steel enclosure rated at IP55/65, ensuring they’re suitability for washdown environments.

Reduce coding errors

A major factor that can support reliable coding is a printer with an intuitive user interface, for quick and error-free message setups.